Young Lions Competitions Turkey 2021

Eligibility and General Rules

The Young Lions Competitions is open to everyone fit the criteria below.

Teams need not part of an association, professional body or collective.

Each team must be made up of two professionals.

Each team member must be under 30 years of age (born after 25.06.1990).

The team partners do not have to be employed at the same company.

Freelancers and in-house creative teams from client companies will be accepted in relevant categories.

Teams are only able to compete in one competition at Cannes Lions even if the dates of the competitions do not overlap.

Teams that won the competition in previous years may compete in Young Lions Competitions Turkey 2021.

Other than original material, all images and audio (where relevant) must be used from Getty Images Turkey.

Teams must submit their material anonymously bearing only their team number and team members’ names. Any reference to their company names will be a reason for disqualification.

Teams who do not submit their work by the competition deadline or otherwise do not adhere to the rules set herewith may be disqualified at the Cannes Lions Representatives discretion.

The briefs will be given on a social issue on behalf of an NGO or a company with a CSR project.


Open to teams of young professionals working in PR agencies who are looking to test their skills and showcase their talent. Freelancers and in-house PR teams from clients will be accepted to compete in the PR Competition. The purpose of the competition is to show how PR is effectively used to engage audiences with an organisation or a specific topic that the ‘client’ is dealing with.

Who is it for?

Publicists, PR specialists, social media managers, copywriters


A PR campaign that should: connect with the client’s brand value mand have an impact (i.e., increase in targets or other applicable parameters); increase awareness/create engagement with the publics; identify and build relations with relevant stakeholders (journalists, interest groups, opinion leaders, industry representatives, internal audiences etc.)

Teams are expected to create PR supporting material applicable in relevant media channels (press releases, infographics, statistics, online content, etc.)

Each team will need to prepare a 10 slide PowerPoint presentation as well as a written submission. A three-part written submission (maximum 450-words) needs to be delivered within 24 hours after the brief. Each team should describe the creative idea (150 words) and its potential for industry impact; the strategy (150-words) including target audience, target media, PR planning, approach; the execution (150-words) with implementation of PR activities, timeline, and scale.

The campaigns created will be presented in front of a jury in 5 minutes. The jury will have a maximum of 5 minutes to ask questions immediately following the presentation.


Open to teams of graphic and other specialist designers who are seeking to showcase their talent and test their skills against the rest of the industry. Freelancers and in-house creative teams from client companies will be accepted to compete in the Design Competition. The teams are required to deliver a brand identity that includes a logo/brand befitting a brief and give a perspective on how the brand would evolve. The work should be innovative, exciting and energetic and globally relevant.

Who is it for?

Graphic designers, art directors, photographers


The teams have 24 hours to deliver a brand identity that includes a logo/brand, a 150-word description of how the brand identity fits the brief and a 150-word description of how a brand would evolve.


Open to a team of two media professionals working in a media agency or specific in-house media department within an agency. Freelances and in-house media departments from client companies will be accepted in the Media Competition. Teams will be required to demonstrate their strategic thinking and innovative approaches to solving an important marketing challenge to drive critical business success. Each pair will be required to generate the necessary insight to develop an innovative media strategy.

Who is it for?

Media planners, media strategists, media buyers, media managers


The teams need to submit a three-part written explanation (maximum 450-words) that includes descriptions of: the creative idea/insights (150-words), research, and data gathering; the strategy (150-words) including target audience, media planning, and approach; the execution (150-words) with implementation, media channels and integration, timeline and scale.

Each team will present their work in English to the jury. With 5 minutes to present and 5 minutes for questions teams need to make sure their campaign is clear and concise and be ready to answer any questions from the jury.


Open to a team of two young professionals working in creative communications/advertising/digital agencies. Freelancers and in-house creative teams from client companies will be accepted in the Digital Competition. Teams will be tasked with creating an integrated digitally led campaign and expected to use led executions and technology behind them to solve the brief.

Who is it for?

Social media managers, creative technologists, UX designers, digital producers, digital designers


A presentation board including examples of three digital led components that could be use of social media platforms as well as any other digital led execution; an image summarising the campaign; a four-part written submission (150-words each section).

The written submission should comprise campaign summary, creative insight (how creativity help solve the problem using social media platforms and technology?), the solution (the platforms, technology and tools used and why?), How does it work? (how will the digital solution help answer the brief and solve the problem faced by the client.) For each part links to relevant mock-ups, images etc. should be included.

Each team will present their work to the jury. The presentation should be no longer than 5 minutes followed by Q&A as deemed necessary by the jury.


Open to a team of two media professionals in creative communications/advertising/digital agencies. Freelances and in-house media departments from client companies will be accepted in the Film Competition. Teams will be given 48 hours to film original footage and edit a 60 second commercial.

Who is it for?

Art directors, producers, film makers, creatives


A 60 second original footage film based on a brief that highlights key challenges and KPIs. Teams are expected to be able to edit their film to specs given in the brief.

A two-part written submission (300-words maximum) is required. This should include a short summary of what happens in the film (150-words) and cultural/context information (explanation of any cultural terms, references or viewing context which needs to be explained), if any.

Official software used by Cannes Lions is Apple Final Cut Pro and Apple iMovie. The teams are strongly advised to use these as they will be judged by experienced professionals.


Open to a team of two media professionals working in client companies that engage the services of advertising and communications. Freelances, advertising/media agency professionals will not bi accepted in the Marketing Competition. Original, engaging creative work starts with a strong brief. Teams must work to come up with a concise, direct and effective brief – the kind that will clearly act as a creative inspiration for an agency.

Marketing Competition is the ultimate test of teamwork and ability to think under pressure. It also gives the team members a great opportunity to raise their profile among industry leaders and prove themselves on a global stage.

Who is it for?

Marketing managers, brand managers, category/product managers, client services managers, channel marketing managers


A product/service needs to be created based on the knowledge and understanding of the brands the teams are working for. The ideas will be presented in front of a jury on a 10 slide PowerPoint presentation in 5 minutes. The jury will have a maximum of 5 minutes to ask questions immediately following the presentation.

A summary slide that visually represents the campaign created.

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Young Lions

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